Bar Mitzvah Package

Quick and easy! We will customize this Bar Mitzvah Package for you – change the colors, add your own text and you are good to GO!! All these items are prepared to be able to be easily printed at Staples.

Included in this package:

5×7 Card for Shabbos Invitation. Printed on a double sided card – & comes with envelopes!

Dinner Card, and optional 2nd side if you will be hosting boys for your Shabbos! Printed on 4×6 Postcard.

Save the Date! Send this to your close relatives way in advance! Good for Whatsapp & Printing

Custom Matching Bencher! Simple. Easy. Having benchers printed doesn’t have to be so complicated. Printed on double sided card – 1 side is glossy, this Nusach Ashkenaz Bencher can be customized to match your invitations. Printed on 4.3×8 rack cards. Add your own logo & date instead of the name here & voila its yours!

Not everything has to be printed!! Many people will be totally fine with you emailing them!

Don’t forget to invite people to the Hanochas Tefillin! The first time your big boy puts on Tefillin is a huge deal! This whatsapp version makes it super easy to quickly send out a reminder

Schedule for the big day! It can get complicated! Edit this handy schedule and print it however you like. Or you can use staples printing again & have it professionally handled! These are designed to fit the rack cards.

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