Flyer for a very special Rabbi

This flyer was an attempt to brighten up the branding of this marketing campaign. In the end they did not want to switch even though they loved this concept!

Yellow Red Sky Chanukah Rock Out Party

This is really one of my favorites – designing anything for musicians! One of our family talents is music. These guys are great! Check out one of my favorites here.


Raise your Kids without Raising your voice

This flyer was part of a set of marketing ads created for a well re-known parenting educator and inspirational speaker.
Learn More about her

Shavuos Program

I wouldn’t be a good graphic designer if I didn’t do shul flyers would I? This was a wonderful program featuring Dr Schwalb – who is a Dentist and also a very inspirational speaker!


Ice Skating School Event

This was a fun challenge! The cute little ice-skaters were drawn by talented artist Miriam Leah – who also happens to be our mother. Yup we definitely keep it in the family 😉

Lag Baomer 2019

Not only did the flyer come out so cool – the event was so memorable. Each time we drive by the grounds, my 5 year old reminds me that we had an awesome bonfire there.


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