About Us

We are 2 sisters with multiple talent and years of experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you, and bringing your vision to life.

Shira Herman

Director of Operations. UX & UI Designer

Shira has worked (and is still full time) at B&H Photo for the past 6 years. She works on UX design, and redesigned the entire Video Platform for Explora! She manages the marketing design team, and juggles a large family of 1…2….3…4… and more kids (sorry we’re not really going to tell you how many ;)). Shira will pick up your calls and will make sure that the job gets done!

Shaineh Shaw

Creative Director. Packaging Expert

Shaineh worked as a packaging designer for a Consumer Electronics company for 3 years. She designed hundreds (literally) of custom packaging (you know the ones that make a dollar store item look worth $20…. its her fault :p). Super-Talented Shaineh loves animals and has recently taken on dog training!

Want to work with us?

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